February Favorites 2017


We’re a little into March now so I thought I would share some of my favorite things this month. All of these favorites were sort of lifesavers in their own way and I have a great appreciation for each one of them. So, without further ado..

This planner has helped me greatly in organizing my school work and all other events in my life. This planner is basically my life and I wish I had gotten it sooner. What I love about this one in particular is that I can put in what assignments are due which day, but then also keep a to do list on the opposite page. For me, it is a great way to organize the chaos of school work and has helped my productivity tremendously. So much so that I am actually ahead in homework right now. What a miracle!


The next thing on my favorites is this book right here. Recently, with my newfound free time (thanks to my productivity during the day) I have actually been able to sit down and just read a book. I have been wanting to get back into reading for forever now, but haven’t found a book I like just enough to finish. This book here has been amazing and I absolutely love it. I am so close to finishing it which is bittersweet to me. I decided to pick up this book in particular because I learned that they were creating a movie adaptation of it and just happened to cast my favorite actress-Constance Wu. I am definitely looking forward to seeing that when it comes out.


This next favorite is kind of random, but definitely a life saver this past month. All semester I’ve been particularly homesick, and this was the closest I could get to home while out here in Normal. Sinigang is one of my favorite foods of all time (if not my favorite) and my mom gave me some mix the last time I was home. I had never tried to actually make it until earlier this month, and I am so glad that I did. Now whenever I’m craving any type of Filipino food, I throw this over some rice and I’m good to go. This has been the best thing I’ve discovered so far this year.

The last few things on my favorites are just everyday beauty essentials. If I’m going to wear makeup on any particular day these are typically what I reach for. If I want to do a windged eyeliner, I found that the Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid Liner has been great in staying all day and not smudging or coming off. I’m also a big fan of the it Cosmetics brow powder. I use the travel size but it lasts month and months and is cheaper than buying the full size. This are products I will definitely be keeping in my makeup bag for a long time coming.



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